School Transportation Study
Description of the tool-
This simple map tool predicts the mode of transportaion of a kid based on the user inputs. User home address, the school the child attends, grade of the child and the household race are the required inputs.
After the inputs are entered hit locate once to identify the user's home address on the map. This step can take few seconds depending on the speed of internet connection. If the address is properly identified a red marker will be placed on the map. If there are any errors in the user's input, a list of possible correct addresses are displayed just below the user address input box. Select the most appropriate one for the analysis.
Once the user's address is identified on the map hit get distance to get the route between the user's address and the selected school. Again this step will take few seconds based on the speed of internet connection.
Hit travel mode once to get the output from our analysis. This step will take few seconds depending on the user's computer and browser. The output comprises the travel distance between home and school, probabilities of each mode of transport, namely walk/bike, car & school bus and the selected mode of transport of the child to-school and from-school.
How to use the tool-
  1. Enter User Address, Select School, Select Grade, Select Household Race
  2. Hit Locate
  3. Hit Get Distance
  4. Hit Travel Mode
Questions?? Contact Santhosh Rajangam,, 651-356-9254
User Address School Grade Household Race
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